Operational reliability and environmental benefits

The application of LNGcold advancedREGAS systems provides the customer, i.e. the user, with further advantages:

Due to the recovery of cooling energy, a large amount of LNG is already pre-evaporated, meaning that the workload on the downstream air evaporators is lower and/or smaller sized moduls can be applied during the planning. Normally, we find LNG at a temperature above -80°C, rather around -60°C, after the process of the recovery of cooling energy. It hence increases the operational safety since damage to the evaporators, caused by material stress that is linked to ice formation, is significantly reduced.

Other safety-relevant and environmental impacts such as visual impairment and difficult conditions for employees as well as annoyance for locals and residents caused by the well-known and feared phenomenon of swath formation and ice fog are reduced to a minimum. 
The recovery of high-quality (cryogenic) cooling energy comes with a safer plant technology, less mechanical wear and less impact both on the population and the environment.