LNG applications

LNG regasification systems at ports​

The application of LNGcold advancedREGAS at large regasification systems at ports provides refrigeration capacities of more than 1 MW. At a typical LNG receiving terminal, several hundreds of Megawatt of deep cold can be recovered from LNG.

LNG regasification at satellite plants

During regasification for local gas grids or from satellite tanks, capacities from 50 kW up to 1 MW of deep cold (down to -60°C) can be generated by integrating LNGcold advancedREGAS.

LNG regasification on gas-powered ships and vessels

The application of LNGcold advancedREGAS on gas-powered cruise ships or vessels provides capacities of up to several hundred kW for cold-storage rooms, air-conditioning, refrigeration and freezing systems on board.